Christmas Song Parodies

Frosty the Snowman—Bob the Frosty-man

Bob West was frosty
When he looked outside that day
Even mounds of snow and 10 below
Couldn’t scare that man away.

Coat, hat and gloves
He bravely donned that day.
Then stepped out to the white abyss
And began to make his way.

Digging the hump hump
Tossing the lump lump
Look at Bobby go

Chipping the chunk chunk
Hitting a stump stump
Through the hills of snow……

Hey, has anyone seen Bob lately?

Up on the housetop

Up on the housetop
Bob West stood
Cleaning the gutters
Of twigs and wood

Looked down the chimney
And what to find,
A bag full of toys
Left behind

Ho, Ho, Ho,
Don't have to go
Ho, Ho, Ho
Don't have to blow

All of my money
Clink, clink, clink
Thanks to a Santa
Who likes to drink.

We Three Kings

Bob West likes, to watch TV,
Three remotes, and movies to see,
Home repairs to, horror scares,
And, all the mysteries.

CSI and Harry’s Law,
Big Bang Theory, Professional ball,
Dexter, Homeland, Classical Arts,
Spanish channel, he loves them all.

Settling in, with glass of ice tea,
TV guide out, what will it be,
So many channels, so little time,
But, not a thing to see.

CNN, the President,
Talks about the money spent,
Took control of every channel,
Now he's in such great lament

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Decorations hung way high,
Ladders aimed up to the sky,
Dad in work boots, on a bet,
Scaled the scaffold without a net
Slowly, slowly as he crept
He looked down, then missed a step
Falling deep into the brush
We stood aghast and in a hush.
"I can do this, yes I can"
Proclaimed the voice of Bob, The Man.

Then he climbed out from beneath,
Plastic Santa and a wreath.
Hand me rope and then some duck tape
Take no prisoners, no escape.
Who will have the best-lit home
Reindeer, Mangers and a Gnome
Bob, The Man will win the fight
With twenty thousand twinkling lights.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer tune

Grandpa Bob has 'friended' me on Facebook,
Even has a real nice profile pic.
He now knows how to “Like” and make a comment
Old Dog, that is learning, a new trick.
He checks up on his peeps every morning,
And sometimes in the middle of the night.
He watches all the movies that are posted,
His spelling, though, is really such a fright.
We are very proud of our Grandpa,
Keeping up with new technology.
He’s really hip with using all the latest,
Don’t make him, give up his Blackberry.

Grandpa Bob has 'friended' me on Facebook,
Even has a real nice profile pic.
He now knows how to “Like” and make a comment
Old Dog, that is learning, a new trick.      Eeee-ha

Away in a Manger—Snoring away

Away in Lorain
Bob West lays his head.
His snoring is heard,
In North Olmstead

Bless all the dear people
As night lingers on.
While Pat plugs her ears,
And prays for the dawn.

Do You Hear What I Hear—

The Mom, said unto the Dad,
Do you feel what I feel? (do you feel what I feel?)
Way up in the sky, across the land,
Do you hope what I hope? (do you hope what I hope?)
The kids, the kids,
Are finally moving out,
They high-fived, and gave up a shout.
Then hugged, and danced all about.

Said the dad, to the weeping mom,
Do you hear what I hear ? (do you hear what I hear?)
Yes, she said wiping tears,
Of course I hear what you hear (Of course she hears what you hear)
Quiet, Quiet, Not a whine or a moan,
For the first time, we'll be alone.
YES! empty nest syndrome.

God rest ye merry Bob and Pat

God rest ye merry Bob and Pat
As off to bed you go.
Tomorrow starts the work week
I hope it’s not too slow
I pray that you’ll be filled with glee
As you go through your day
O tidings of happiness and joy
Don’t be coy,
You know you want some happiness and joy

Jingle bells

Dashing out the door,
I grabbed my purse and keys,
Racing down the road,
Searching for caffeine.

There upon my right,
My fav’rite place to be,
So shining ever bright-ly,
A Starbuck’s cafe marquee,

Coffee beans, caramel cream
Starbucks all the way
Oh what fun it is to dream
Of a frothy soy latte   Hey!

I'm Dreaming….

We're dreaming of a warm Christmas,
Just like the ones in Florida.
With palm trees swaying, and children playing,
Building, castles in the sand

I’m dreaming of warmer weather,
With every bathing suit I pack.
Where the waves all glisten, and we both listen
To ocean, sounds on the shore.

He's dreaming of sun-filled days,
And, a cold drink in his hand.
May our days be breezy and light,
Ta-Ta now, we're off to catch our flight.

Silver Bells—Silver Pills

Going home, To Chaos
And boy am I beat
In the air
there’s the odor of laundry

Children screaming,
Mommy yelling,
Get your toys off the floor.
Go to your room for time out

Little pills, (little pills)
Silver pills, (Silver pills)
I wish that I had little pills.
Ring-a-ling. (did something ring?)  Ring-a-ling. (who's doing that?)
Gee I think I need a nap.

Jingle Bell Rock

Candy Canes, Toy Trains, and favorite dolls
Twinkling trees with snow laden  boughs
Frosty the snowman and sledding fun
Christmas time has now begun.

School is out, they all shout, it's time to sing
Time to see Santa, say what he should bring
Time to declare, you’re a good little kid
There's magic in the air…..

Here Comes Santa tune:

Here comes Natalie, There goes Natalie,
‘bout to score a goal.
Skillful footwork, fancy and focused,
She’s really on a roll.

Fans are cheering, Coaches sneering,
She is ready to fight.
Watch out Mia, You too, Marta,
Natalie’s hot tonight.

Chestnuts Roasting tune
Mincemeat baking in a turnover
Pat West stirring up the glaze,
Yuletide carols being played on TV,
And Bob, is dressed up in his sweats.
Everybody knows….

That Turkey, and a little mincemeat pie
Helps, make everybody smile.
As pants grow tighter with each little bite,
You’ll find us on the Bike tonight.


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
You're so petite
and tiny
You are easy,
to decorate
On a table,
to give you height
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
For Bob and Me
You're just right.

Carol of the Bells- The Reason

Hark, hear the chimes
There go my dimes
Marching away
For Christmas Day
Day’s drawing near
Oh can you hear
Register rings
All caroling

Cashiers trial,
Frozen smiles
Tired aching feet
Numbly greet
Crowds fill the space
All in your face
Let's not regret
Let's not forget

Reason why we even have a Christmas,
Reason why we even have a Christmas.

He came to face
And take our place
Never fear
Christ is here.

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