Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poor Bob

It happens all the time. Whenever I tell the latest funny about my hubby, Bob—even to someone who has never met him—their reply will most likely be, “Poor Bob”. There are literally hundreds of Bob stories out there ready to be told and they are usually about everyday occurrences. When taken by themselves these stories are pretty humdrum, but wrap them around Bob, (the delightful creamy center) and comedy can’t help itself. Neither can Bob. (BTW... all these stories have received the official, Bob’s Seal of Approval)

 Poor Bob Story #1 

On our very first date, I had just turned 18, he was 20 and we went bowling. It was the typical, pick up the girl, go to the bowling alley and then to the drive-in hamburger joint type of date. What you might call a safe date. Bowling is one of those activities where anyone can have fun even if they are lousy at it. However, there are some people that take the challenge of a good game quite seriously. (Or a game where a guy can impress his girl with his prowess). That night I discovered there is one popular bowling technique where you ‘throw’ the ball with as much velocity as you can and then when the ball smacks that first pin all the other pins will come crashing down just from the sheer ricochet power alone. I also discovered...that’s the way REAL MEN bowl.

Well, maybe it was my fault, I dunno, or maybe Bob was just a bit nervous because he was on his first date with such a hottie, (guess that part is my fault) but somehow he lost his concentration for a split second putting his ankle directly in the path of one of the many manly ferocious throws. Thud. Ouch. Wow, that had to hurt...but oh, what a guy! He just walked it off. Then, the evening went on like a normal first date. He won the game, we laughed, we ate our burgers and we said good night at my dorm room door.

A few days later I found out why there was no “good night, I really like you and want to see you again” kiss. Alas, poor Bob had been in sheer agony the whole night with his severely banged up ankle. Like the REAL MAN he was, he toughed it out but enough was enough...he just couldn't wait any longer to get the heck out of there and over to the Emergency Room. Hottie or not.

Fortunately his ankle wasn’t broken... and I never wore those distracting tight pants least at the bowling alley.